Saturday, February 28, 2015

Intoxication & Incapacitation

"Alcoholic" means a person who habitually lacks self-control with respect to the use of alcoholic beverages or who uses alcoholic beverages to the extent that his health is substantially impaired or endangered or his social or economic functions are substantially disrupted. Link

Arizona defines an intoxicated person as someone whose mental or physical functioning is substantially impaired by the immediate effects of alcohol. A person incapacitated by alcohol is unconscious, or whose judgment is so impaired that the individual is unable to make a decision regarding the need for evaluation or treatment, unable to take care of basic needs or safety, or lacks the ability to make or communicate personal rational decisions. Ariz. Rev. Stat. § 36-2021

Murder and mayhem in MY neighborhood

Liquor law violations, assaults, drugs and prostitution occur in the parking lot of this establishment. Criminals, like cockroaches, don't like the light on them. Even worse than cockroaches - just come in, multiply and destroy everything

Stabbing death raises safety concerns about homeless encampment

Local resident Harry Hughes said this problem has been ongoing for years around the Farmer’s Convenience Store. He said vagrants have littered the area with trash, alcohol, drugs and even human excrement.

“I sent more than a few emails to county government, local media and the planning and zoning people. Time and again, these problems were deliberately permitted to continue, despite my objections and concerns,” Hughes said. Full Article

Truth does not fear investigation.

The time for this was long overdue

It was brought to my attention that store management doesn't like me taking pictures of the drunken squat monsters, outside their store. And these spineless weasels couldn't tell it to my face. Instead, these cowards targeted and confronted a woman.

I also learned that these little Marxists hate the United States, our Constitution and the Bill of Rights, especially the First Amendment. 

Funny, how people that are breaking the law, always feel threatened, when someone shows up with a camera. In time, this blog will go into great detail, citing photographic evidence, how this establishment has become a cancer, upon our community. 

"You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious." --Ben Obi-Wan Kenobi, Star Wars