Monday, April 11, 2016

Michael and Tina Careccia update:

Careccia case remanded back to grand jury

Florence, AZ: A status review in the case was held on Tuesday at the Pinal County Superior Courthouse. Valenzuela’s attorney, Public Defender James Mannato, argued the case – in which the state seeks the death penalty – should be remanded back to the grand jury due to misleading testimony in the initial grand jury proceedings on July 8, 2015.

Mannato said the state almost always argues against such a motion; however, prosecutor Chris Ward of the Pinal County Attorney’s Office told Judge Kevin White the state voluntarily agreed to remand the case back to a new grand jury. Maricopa Monitor

Meanwhile, we continue to experience vandalism, thievery and other assorted Ditch Cricket shenanigans in the Thunderbird Farms area, following the departure of our winter visitors, from up north. While enjoying the outdoors and my photography hobby, we hooked an alleged wire thief. This subject made little or no attempt to conceal his activities. Theft, arson and vandalism have plagued my neighborhood, for a ling time.