Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Mike & Tina: A stray pubic hair has the huge potential of opening a new can of worms

Let's not forget that the Careccia family swore up and down that their little innocent angel did not engage in illegal drug use. The medical examiner proved that to be incorrect. Now, we seem to have this stray pubic hair. Will this reveal something else? Perhaps, Tina was engaged is sexual relations with Jose Valenzuela. As the plot thickens, I'll be looking forward to the trial.

One hair could play part in double-murder case

Mannato continues to put together a challenge to the Grand Jury proceedings, saying some things or motives may have been put in front of the jurors that were not in evidence. He has until Nov. 9 to file that challenge.

The Careccias were shot to death, according to the Pinal County Medical Examiner’s Office, which also found methamphatamine and amphetamines in the Careccias’ systems. The arraignment in the double-murder case was in July before Judge Dwight Callahan, who had issued an order allowing the case to be televised. Monday, White was asked to clarify that order. InMaricopa