Friday, June 2, 2017

Same old Story: Dope Fiends and Thugs

As summer rapidly approaches, my neighborhood has, once again, been invaded by the "Meloneros," who pick cantaloupes, by day and get drunk and stoned at night. It should come as no surprise that gang activity and drug use is on the rise. This is most certainly the benefits and byproducts of living in a multicultural society. Try to remember, "Diversity is our strength." Also keep in mind, "tolerance" is how much of something you can take, before it kills you.

Youth gang activity higher in Pinal than Phoenix, Tucson

Friendship and making money were the top two reasons Pinal teens gave for wanting to join a gang. Statewide, friendship had been the most common reason for youth gang membership but the trend has shifted more toward making money over the last four years. Full Story

More Arizonans are dying from opioid use

The increase occurred even as state officials made it a top priority to combat the opioid epidemic. Gov. Doug Ducey put a limit on prescription painkiller prescriptions for people on Medicaid, and Phoenix implemented a program that lets addicts turn in their drugs to a local police precinct and get treatment. 12News