Friday, June 2, 2017

Same old Story: Dope Fiends and Thugs

As summer rapidly approaches, my neighborhood has, once again, been invaded by the "Meloneros," who pick cantaloupes, by day and get drunk and stoned at night. It should come as no surprise that gang activity and drug use is on the rise. This is most certainly the benefits and byproducts of living in a multicultural society. Try to remember, "Diversity is our strength." Also keep in mind, "tolerance" is how much of something you can take, before it kills you.

Youth gang activity higher in Pinal than Phoenix, Tucson

Friendship and making money were the top two reasons Pinal teens gave for wanting to join a gang. Statewide, friendship had been the most common reason for youth gang membership but the trend has shifted more toward making money over the last four years. Full Story

More Arizonans are dying from opioid use

The increase occurred even as state officials made it a top priority to combat the opioid epidemic. Gov. Doug Ducey put a limit on prescription painkiller prescriptions for people on Medicaid, and Phoenix implemented a program that lets addicts turn in their drugs to a local police precinct and get treatment. 12News

Friday, February 24, 2017

Iraqi refugee still hasn't gone to trial

The Iraqi refugee an accused murderer and Casa Grande, Arizona Social Security office bomber, Abdullatif Aldosary, may run the risk of dying of old age, before he manages to get to trial. Should anyone be deprived of their right to a speedy trial? Or does "speedy" include five or more years? Looking on the bright side, he received five years in federal prison on convictions, stemming from the from the Social Security office bombing.

Death penalty no longer sought in Maricopa shooting, CG bombing

The Pinal County Attorney's Office will no longer seek the death penalty against the Iraqi refugee accused of detonating a homemade bomb at the Social Security office in downtown Casa Grande just days after shooting a man in Maricopa.

Abdullatif Aldosary refused to appear before Pinal County Superior Court Judge Joseph Georgini yet again on Friday morning. He faces a litany of severe charges based on the 2012 incidents, and he has already been found guilty in federal court for being a felon in possession of firearms and ammunition. Dispatch

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Sadly, we no longer have speedy trials and fine hangings

Maricopa double-murder case may have conflicts with Volkmer transition

Valenzuela’s case joins a number of cases potentially impacted by Volkmer’s transition to PCAO. He also joins two capital defendants who recently appeared before Judge Joseph Georgini as their attorneys also expressed some level of stagnation due to impending decisions on how to handle conflicts caused by Volkmer’s involvement in the cases or that or his former law partners. Monitor

And with the holidays approaching, we'll have no shortage of murder and mayhem, in and around Maricopa and Pinal County. Although not published, it's believed that the Figueroa murder involved the use of a sword. Third World brutality takes place, when your First World nation is overrun by criminal scumbags and Third World savages.

Murder charged in death of Maricopa woman

At 7:21 p.m., MPD received a call from Figueroa’s son, who said his father had assaulted him and pointed a gun at his mother while they were sitting in the pickup truck. At around 8 p.m., Figueroa’s daughter told MPD her father called her and told her he had killed their mother Olivia and left her in the desert.

According to the report, he was standing outside the residence “with a sword in hand..." Miguel Figueroa’s bond is set at $750,000 on the assault charge. He has arraignment hearings set for Dec. 15 and Dec. 20, 2016. He had previous arrests in Pinal County on charges, including possessing of drug paraphernalia, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and aggravated robbery. InMaricopa

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

And There Was Another Killing, Out Here

And we have another homicide and this one's in Hidden Valley. Arrested and booked into the Pinal County jail were Gustavo Olivo, 17, of Maricopa, and Arthur Magana, 16, of Maricopa. As usual, it's drugs, thugs and people, with Mexican sounding last names that turn out to be the common denominators. Life inside the "Contested Zone" has it's downside. I think the count is four homicides in about two years.

Two teens arrested in fatal Maricopa shooting

According to the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office, deputies responded to the 52000 block of West Cardinal Road around 7:28 p.m. Monday after a couple called police to report someone was shooting at them. There they found a 20-year-old male dead in a 2001 Chevy truck in the caller’s front yard. He appeared to have died as a result of gunshot wounds. CGDispatch

Man shot to death, Maricopa teens indicted

“Once at the residence, the homeowner advised the two subjects ran into the back room of his home,” Sheriff Paul Babeu stated. “Deputies went inside of the residence, and the two suspects were taken into custody. The shoe prints on the suspects matched the pattern of the shoe prints at the scene. One of the suspects had blood on his shoes as well.” InMaricopa

Saturday, September 17, 2016

What Was That Commotion, Down There?

While hiking, along some of the drug smuggling trails on the southern end of Hidden Valley (near Interstate 8) and south of Robin Road, I noticed a commotion, below, some three miles to the northeast. Soon, an air ambulance helicopter N973AE appeared and made a dusty landing. It wasn't until Saturday morning, before I learned what happened. 

Glider plane crashes in Maricopa, pilot injured

The single-occupant glider fell at approximately 5 p.m. near Ralston and Wildwood Roads. A Pinal County Sheriff's Office spokeswoman said the pilot "was breathing," when crews arrived on the scene, and "deputies are still on the scene," nearly four hours later. Dispatch

In recent months, there have been several aviation related fatalities and mishaps in and around Hidden Valley. Earlier this year, a P-51 Mustang nose dived into the ground Article, while there have also been one or two skydiving accidents at Skydive Phoenix ABC15. Perhaps, people might want to reconsider their thoughts, before taking to the air, out this way.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Michael and Tina Careccia update:

Judge sets trial date for Valenzuela in double-murder

In a court hearing Friday morning, that trial on two charges of first-degree murder was tentatively set to begin Jan. 23, 2018, at 9 a.m. in Judge Kevin White’s courtroom in Pinal County Superior Court.

Valenzuela, now 39, had to be indicted twice and the state had to twice file notice of its intent to seek the death penalty. Pinal County Public Defender James Mannato successfully had the July 8, 2015, indictment tossed after it was determined information not in evidence had been presented to the Grand Jury. InMaricopa

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

As the "Meloneros" Return, the Crime Wave Begins in Thunderbird Farms

It came as no surprise to hear of stabbings and fights, within one mile of my home. Every May, the cantaloupe pickers (aka "Meloners") arrive and bring drunken violence to my neighborhood. This demographic change keeps the Pinal County Sheriff's Office very busy, 

Maricopa man in critical condition after stabbing

The fight took place in the 49000 block of Julie Lane south of Maricopa. Pinal County Sheriff’s Office was called around 9:45 p.m. by a resident who reported a man going door-to-door asking for help.

When a deputy arrived, a resident directed him to a man lying on a porch with four serious stab wounds. As the 39-year-old victim was being treated, he told first responders he was stabbed by Ragon Thomas Sandoval, a homeless man living in the area. More