Wednesday, June 3, 2015

In the end, the wannabe thug and her gang were "no shows"

Memorial Day Food Bank Chaos: Once again, the ugly face of humanity presented itself at the F.O.R. Food Bank. What a wonderful way to celebrate Memorial Day. At approximately 8:40 am, a black female subject (5'5" 155 lbs. colorful dew rag & large sunglasses) cut her way to the front of the line, while threatening and intimidating several elderly/disabled senior citizens, who were at the head of the line and had been, since 6:00 am.

Soon, she started spewing profanities and some nonsense about being disrespected. A couple of patrons were so scared that they were going to leave, without receiving their food. This behavior is completely unacceptable and intolerable. Our needy seniors should be able to go the food bank, without being threatened and pushed around.

Unfortunately, the food bank volunteers refused to open the door or call the police. I don't blame the volunteers, as most of them are women and/or elderly, too. I'm sure breaking up fights is not part of their duties, as food bank volunteers. During this black female's outburst, she made threats of violence and indicated that she was going to bring some "gang" that had a three letter name. She made it clear that they would be there next Monday and that nobody gets away with telling her to take her rightful place in line. Repeat after me, “Diversity is our strength.”

The newly installed "no weapons" sign, on the front of the building, was surely noted by these sorted miscreants. As you know, this was not the first incident at the food bank. A while back, I started bringing a camera to record fights, outbursts of violence and other uncivil and possibly criminal behavior, but was warned by F.O.R. Director Wendy Webb to NOT bring my camera. Photographers frequently come under fire for documenting filth and evil.

Apparently, somebody didn't like some of the stills or video I shot and I was the one suddenly taking heat. After all, recording criminal behavior is bad for "PR," despite it value as evidence. Maricopa deserves a public black eye. It's extremely clear to me that Maricopans aren't capable of getting in line to wait for something, without turning into animals.

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